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How to buy...

OK, so you spotted a painting that you really like- what now?


Art as an Investment...


Purchasing artwork
from daily painters is fun and unique in the sense that you are 'virtually' gallery-hopping from one artist's studio to another! Each artist has their own methods of accepting payment (or price, for that matter!)

How to buy Original Daily Paintings

For example, one artist may have a set price posted for a painting on their blog, whereas another artist chooses to let interested collectors determine the fair market value of their work, by offering the painting at auction.

Either way, this is a great way to get started on you own collection! Remember that many paintings are in oil, so you may have to wait a couple of weeks before the artist can safely package and ship the painting!

Be sure to contact the artist with any questions that you may have before you actually purchase, or bid on it. Some artists will also consider creating a special painting just for you. For example, let's say that you just saw a painting of a rose that you would have preferred in a larger size. These are called 'commissions', and there are as many artists that will accept a commission as there are that do not. Many times, the artist's blog will give you an idea of whether the artist is amenable to commissions. Sometimes an artist just has only enough time each day to complete his/her daily painting!

To Recap:

1)- Find yourself a painting that you really, really like- preferably, find one that you love!

2)- Next, simply use the artist's 'Buy it Now' button on their blog, or bid on their auction.

3)- Then, give the artist some time to wait for your masterpiece to dry.

4)- Finally, find a great spot in your home or office to hang your treasure!

Don't forget to keep checking out other artists' work, even if you may not have liked something done by them before. The reason is that many artists create different 'series' of works based on subjects or style. Additionally, one of the purposes of daily painting is to get better at it!

Chances are that you will find something that you like from each and every artist that you visit!

Finally, please bookmark our site ( ), so that you can see the new daily paintings by our group of daily painters! Or, simply sign up for our daily emails here: Daily Art by Email

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